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(The following was posted 9/28/17):

"How often should I have my sewing machine serviced??"

Our customers ask us this question all the time. Much like a car, regular tune-ups are critical to your machine's performance and longevity--not to mention avoiding potential expensive repairs.

In short, your machine should be professionally serviced every 80 hours of machine running time or every 2 years--- whichever comes first.


A normal sewing speed is about 400 spm. Using that as our example, if you are sewing at 400 spm for 80 hours, that's almost 2 million stitches! (A very well-known Swiss manufacturer of sewing machines actually recommends regular service every 2 million stitches)

So what happens if you don't service your machine when recommended? The sewing machine oil inside of the machine will start to oxidize and thicken over time and begin to "lock up" all of the small, articulating parts-- leading to failure, expensive repairs and down-time. Part of a tune-up is lubricating the entire machine with fresh sewing machine oil and flushing out of the old.

There's nothing quite as frustrating as experiencing mechanical issues when you're in the middle of a project. The good news is by bringing your machine in for it's regular service, you will minimize these issues and extend the life, performance, enjoyment, and trade in value of your machine.

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(Posted August 2017):
We'd like to take a moment to address a very hot topic among our customers: "Why doesn't my vacuum cleaner seem to work anymore on my new Super Soft carpeting?" Ah, yes. We've been hearing a lot of this from our customers, bewildered as to why they can't use their current vacuum on their brand new Super Soft style carpet. The fact is, your old vacuum is not designed to work with these high density fiber carpets.

Let's talk suction. According to popular advertising, Suction is King. Um, well not exactly. Over the last few years, vacuum manufacturers have put a lot of focus on creating super high suction vacuum cleaners. These are GREAT on low pile carpet and hardwood flooring, but when it comes to thicker, higher pile carpet like Super Soft, the vacuum just acts as one big suction cup and you can even push it through the carpet. One of the keys to an effectively cleaning vacuum is the quality and configuration of the brushes on the brushroll and how aggressive it is. In fact, the brush roll is much more important than suction when cleaning carpet.

So where does that leave us??

Airflow. Say it with me Airflow! A PowerHead with just the right amount of floor height to allow for airflow, coupled with a less- aggressive brush roll is the perfect combination to effectively clean your new Super Soft carpet without tearing up the strands as you vacuum.

Well, we've done our research and have extensively tested a wide variety of vacuums in order to find a solution.

With that said, we have compiled the following: Good, Better, and Best vacuums to fit your needs when it comes to your Super Soft carpeting.

Best Options:

We recommend the Riccar Super Quick R10 Series. This is the lightest vacuum we sell and it does a great job. We also offer the SupraQuick Canister vacuum with hose attachment as well for an additional charge since the R10 Series does not include a hose.  Another great option is the Miele SoftClean Canister vacuum.

Below are some very helpful links to read more about these units.

Miele C3


Second Best Option:

The Riccar Tanden Air series of vacuums works well. With its twin fan motors, extra high height adjustment, lifetime belt, multi layer filtration, and hight quality componets used thought out, this machine is sure to please.

Riccar Tanden Air

Third Best Option:

We have consistently found the Lindhaus Healthcare Pro Upright vacuum to perform very well on the Super Soft carpet. This particular vacuum is the best one in their line-up for the Super Soft. Our customers remark on the compact feel and high quality of this Italian made vacuum Lindhaus also offers the Activa Silver Blue, and the Valzer. They all do a decent job on this type of carpet but we have found that the Healthcare Pro does a little bit better job overall.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more to us about our recommendations, we'd love to hear from you. You can call us at 612-861-7515 or email us at If you happen to be in the area, we welcome you to drop in and test drive any of our vacuums and talk to us!