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-- "Omg, I love my vacuum!  SERIOUSLY, after using it once, I realize my house has never been clean in 25 years!  I don't even know it's there..." -- Beth, Shoreview  (another satisfied Central Vacuum Installation Customer!)

Not only do we carry an extensive line of the BEST quality vacuums available, but we are educated professionals that will work with you to find the best vacuum for your specific cleaning needs.  We listen.  We educate.   When you come to our showroom, you will never feel pressured into anything--- our goal is simple.   We want you to be completely comfortable and confident with your vacuum purchase with us.  We stand behind everything we offer and we will be here for you and your vacuum.   We want to make shopping for a new vacuum FUN!   

SO.....let us introduce you to our 3 Flagship Brands:   Riccar, Lindhaus and Miele
Lindhaus......US Headquarters located in Burnsville, MN

The Lindhaus machines have been considered among the best for quality and price, filtration efficiency, performance, low noise levels, durability and low power consumption.

LIndhaus was founded to utilize the enormous technical property of the sister company, Rotafil, manufacturer of electric motors. Rotafil began its activity in 1960 as a repair shop for electric motors and after a few years the company specialized in the construction of professional electric motors and automatic winding machines for internal use.

These special world class and unique motors use notched type commutators to ensure incomparable reliability. All Lindhaus machines are equipped with Rotafil motors which are designed to maximize performance of each individual vacuum.

Lindhaus Uprights

Activa Single Motor Multifunctional Upright

The Activa is the perfect all-around vacuum for homes with carpet and hard flooring.   This ultra-light vacuum includes a complete set of on-board accessories and electronic overload control.   So if you catch the end of rug or suck up a sock (haven't we all?) the motor immediately senses the obstruction and shuts off--- saving the motor from overheating and greatly extending the life of your vacuum.    The versatile Activa also converts to a dry cleaning unit so you can deep clean your carpets anytime you need to--- all in one machine.

Healthcare Pro EcoForce Multi-function Carpet Cleaner/Electric Broom

The Healthcare Pro is packed with convenience features and is great for home with a mix of carpet and hard flooring.   Not only does it include a full set of on-board accessories but it converts to a true back-pack vacuum.   All the connections are "quick connect/disconnect" for easy use.   You can even polish delicate flooring with the optional felt polisher plate for the powerhead.     As with many of the Lindhaus vacuums, the Healthcare Pro also has the ability to convert to a dry cleaning unit so you can refresh and sanitize your carpeting anytime.   Available in both 12" and 14" size electronic power nozzles depending on your specific needs.


Known worldwide as the "Lightest Dual Motor Upright Ever Made," the Diamante boasts 2 High Efficiency Electric Motors.  Tools and telescopic wand are integrated on-board.   The Diamante's low center of gravity makes it a breeze to use the telescopic wand while keeping the vacuum stable.  You can easily clean hard flooring and carpeting with the interchangeable roller covers--- not to mention the ability to convert over to the dry cleaning system.   The Diamante is ultra durable with metal brush supports and bearings.   If you're looking for a powerful, feature-packed vacuum that is lightweight--- you'll want to check out the Diamante.

Valzer HEPA Class A

Specifically designed for carpeting and dry cleaning applications.   The 6 level HEPA Filtration system comes standard on the Valzer.    You'll enjoy the full set of tools, top of the line electronic power nozzle and the ability to easily convert the unit to a backpack system.    Also includes a blower and has the famous Lindhaus motor protection sensor to protect the high-efficiency motor.   

Valzer 5 Class A

Lindhaus put a lot of thought into the Valzer 5.  Perfect for homes with both carpet and hard flooring, the Valzer 5 is a true multifunction lightweight upright vacuum, carpet cleaner and electric broom all in one.   The quick-release connections and on-board accessories make this lightweight dynamo so easy to use.  The integrated dry cleaning system comes standard with this unit.  The patented universal brush is designed for both hard flooring and carpets so the Valzer has you covered.    The Valzer 5 includes a backpack option as well.

F5 Class A Electric Broom

The F5 is designed for a home with primarily hard surfaces but you can add the optional power nozzle for carpet and dry cleaning.  The lightweight design makes the F5 exceptionally maneuverable.   5 stage filtration is standard but Lindhaus offers the optional 7 stage HEPA filtration depending on your specific needs.  This is a very efficient top-filling unit--that means the dirt enters through the top of the dust bag and is engineered to completely fill the bag.    The full set of accessories and felt pad for extra delicate surfaces are all available as additional options on the F5 as well.


Since 1899, Miele has been dedicated to fulfilling their founding promise of ‘ImmerBesser’— a German phrase meaning ‘Forever Better.’   Miele vacuums are engineered to provide a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home with innovative, award-winning collection of vacuum cleaners.

Whether cleaning plush carpets or polished hardwoods, handcrafted furniture or delicate upholstery, Miele’s canister and upright vacuum cleaners help you care for all aspects of your home. Advanced, technologically superior filtration systems also improve the quality of air in your home, so you and your family will breathe easier now — and for many years to come.

HomeCare Series

Classic C1 Homecare Canister

Miele performance and quality in a smart and simple package.  Miele puts you in control with the 6 adjustable suction control settings--- perfect for varying flooring surfaces.  This is a 2 motor system with a separate control for the power nozzle.  The exclusive Miele Parking System allows you to securely attach the wand and hose onto the vacuum when in the upright position.   Includes the premium dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool.  Enjoy the versatility of a 29.5 foot cleaning radius with a retractable cord--- no crumb is safe!        The Miele AirClean Sealed System with standard HEPA filtration ensures you seriously clean results.

Compact C1 Homecare Canister

The Compact C1 was engineered for powerful performance, but in a compact, space saving design.  Not only does the Compact come with the 6 adjustable suction control settings but also includes the Turbo Comfort Floorhead and AllTeQ Combination Floorhead--- prefect for smooth floors.   Yes, it's compact, but you still have the 29.5 ft cleaning radius, the Double Parking System and Miele AirClean Sealed System with standard HEPA filtration. The premium dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool comes standard with the Compact.

Complete C3 HomeCare Canister

The ultimate in performance and convenience.  Includes the Straight Suction Combination Floor Nozzle plus your choice of 3 different motor driven power nozzles for total customization.   The Complete C3 has a generous 36 foot cleaning radius along with the integrated dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tools.   The canister body is surrounded by a non-marring rubber bumper to protect your furniture as you clean.   The Miele AirClean Sealed System with HEPA filtration is standard on the Complete C3 so you can breath easier knowing your home is truly clean to an exceptional level.

Complete C3 HomeCare Plus Canister

Miele's premier canister with all of the amazing features you expect from their top of the line.   What's the big deal?    For starters, the canister displays convenient step-down switches.   You can make power adjustments with the tap of the foot-- no more bending.  So easy.  Then there's the automatic suction control sensor that adjusts to the flooring level at any given moment. The handle also has suction controls for ultimate convenience.    You'll love the motor driven power nozzle with LED Headlight-- great for seeing underneath furniture, beds and darker areas of the room.  Some of the premium accessories include the straight suction combination floor nozzle, universal dusting brush and flexible crevice tool.  All of this with the full 36 foot cleaning radius and retractable cord.  And of course, the Miele AirClean Sealed System with standard HEPA filtration comes standard with this vacuum.

Dynamic U1 HomeCare Upright

So you're not a "canister person."     We understand-- and so does Miele.  With the Dynamic U1, you have the ability to reach under the lowest profile furniture with their "flat to the floor" engineering.   The inability to clean under furniture is a common complaint about uprights-- Miele addresses that issue head on with this vacuum.    Combine that with the unique Swivel Neck Miele Technology to easily maneuver around and under furniture throughout your entire home.  The Adjustable Comfort Handle includes on/off controls for the rotating brush-- no more bending-- it's right at your fingertips.   The powerful LED headlight in the powerhead allows you to see into and under all those darker areas.  With 4 adjustable suction level settings, you are in control.   The Dynamic U1 comes with the dusting brush, upholstery tolol and crevice nozzle and 12 foot integrated flexible hose so you can clean every surface of your home.  All of this with a full 46 foot cleaning radius (from wall socket to end of hose) and the Miele AirClean Sealed System with standard HEPA filtration that Miele is famous for.