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Monday - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm

No Appointment Necessary 


Vacuum Sales, Service and Repair

Meet Jeff– one of the knowledgeable owners of Johnston’s AND just about the nicest guy you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. (My wife wrote that, lol) In fact, our entire staff really enjoys being able to help solve a problem, find a solution, and send you out the door a happy customer. It’s how we roll and we wouldn’t run the business any other way.

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We are proud to offer our Exclusive Lifetime to 10 Year Warranty on any new Vacuum purchase. That’s how much we believe in our products. We are proud to be Authorized Dealers for Miele, Riccar and Lindhaus vacuums.


A common scenario we see with our customers is “I love this vacuum but it just doesn’t perform like it used to. What can you do for me?” We diagnose the problem-- many times right at the counter-- and can give you an estimate for repair.


We ALWAYS give you options. For example, it may be a situation where the cost to repair is reasonable to you. Or it may make more sense to put that money towards a brand new vacuum with a Warranty and a Team of experts that will be there for you every step of the way. Let us show you how our vacuums outperform those “Big Box” brands in price, reliability and performance. Wouldn’t it be great if your vacuum performed just as well after 10 years since the day you brought it home? Our vacuums can do that.


If you decide to take a look at a new vacuum, we make a point of completely understanding what YOUR cleaning needs are and help you through the process of making a decision you are thrilled with. We are here to educate and show you options. After all, this is YOUR money and it should be your decision.

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Belt Replacement from $15.95

Standard Tune-Up Labor $39.95-$79.95

Depending on Model. (Parts additional)

FREE Repair Estimate